What Weekly Interview on Gumbo and The Beholder’s Share


Photo by Bobby Kintz

We at Generous Company love What Weekly.  Not just because they continue to show an interest in what we do, but because it is one of the best places on the web to learn about what is going on in Baltimore’s art scene.

Last week they published a fantastic interview by Peter Davis with Generous Company Members and Beholder’s Share collaborators, David White, Mike Vandercook, Will Manning and Rebecca Eastman with great photos by Bobby Kintz.

Here’s the link.  Peter always makes us sound so smart…




3 Mathematicians + 1 Visual Artist = DRAMA


Drama III

Day 20 working with 3 mathematicians from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Each has a doctorate in a different type of math. I am a visual artist from Brooklyn with a master’s in humanities (classical literature and philosophy). Felt as intimidated studying ballet with Baryshnikov back in the day.

*Original image by Suzanne Coley