What Weekly Interview on Gumbo and The Beholder’s Share


Photo by Bobby Kintz

We at Generous Company love What Weekly.  Not just because they continue to show an interest in what we do, but because it is one of the best places on the web to learn about what is going on in Baltimore’s art scene.

Last week they published a fantastic interview by Peter Davis with Generous Company Members and Beholder’s Share collaborators, David White, Mike Vandercook, Will Manning and Rebecca Eastman with great photos by Bobby Kintz.

Here’s the link.  Peter always makes us sound so smart…




Spreading the News!


Spreading the News!

Opening Night was everything we knew it would be:

Delicious hot Gumbo!

An amazing production by Generous Company!

Wonderful art exhibition curated by John Shea!

Brilliantly written new plays exploring the mind by WordBRIDGE playwrights               Merri Biechler, Jami Brandli, George Brant, and Laurel Haines                        directed by Michele Vazquez.

Visit: http://www.theatreproject.org and http://www.generouscompany.org

*Photo: Steve Barroga reading a book on the brain after the production.

6 days and counting

Less than a week until we begin the workshop of The Beholder’s Share.  There is much to do, but all of the disparate parts are beginning to gel.  Tomorrow we dive back into the rehearsal studio to begin really discovering what lies under this text.

We’ve got all of the playwrights scripts from the commissioning of new neurobiology-inspired plays and are posting a schedule later tonight/early tomorrow.

Here’s what else is on the menu for Gumbo.  We’re thrilled to have Beholder’s Share as a part of the mix.

19 new plays responding to current ideas and discoveries in neurobiology.

  • Readings of plays 1 to 30 minutes long by WordBRIDGE playwrights Jami Brandli, George Brant, Will Fancher, Hank Willenbrink, Laurel Haines, Dipika Guha, Cynthia Hardeman, Kevin McFillen, Caroline V. McGraw, Antoinette Nwandu, K. Frithjof Peterson, Erin Phillips, Joseph Ritsch, Sarah Saltwick, Stephanie Swirsky Yasmine Van Wilt, and Deborah Yarchun.
  • Readings performed by WordBRIDGE alumni from around the country including Charles Kartali, James Knight, and Michele Vazquez + virtual Q&A sessions with select playwrights via New Play TV.

Art gallery and musical events to challenge our ideas of art and perception

Served every night, to warm the soul and add spice to the conversation.

All performance are “pass the hat”

But seating is limited to 50 audience members a night, so make your reservations early.

Many events will be streamed online.  See schedule for details.

A full schedule of events will be available after January 25th at www.generouscompany.org

Reservations can be made via www.theatreproject.org


Getting the word out to WordBRIDGE playwrights

As we continue to develop our conversation with how the brain perceives art and why we create art, we are taking a step to get others involved in the conversation.

This January/February, Generous Company, the producing organization behind WordBRIDGE, is presenting a festival focused on how the brain responds to art from January 31st – February 10th at the Baltimore Theatre Project:  Generous Company’s Gumbo: a gumbo of art, music, theatre, mathematics, food, science and conversations.  We will be showing a series of workshop evenings from our development of the beholder’s share, as well as play readings, music, visual art, and a conversation series all curated and focused on the connections between art and perception.

Yesterday we decided to extend an invitation to all WordBRIDGE Playwrights to participate in a one-month hothouse to nurture and generate artistic responses, not finished works, but sketches, to some recent conversations about the brain, perception, and creativity.  The responses will be 1 and 30 minutes in length.  We’re humbled by the talented group of playwrights that have already replied and are excited to have all of their voices involved.  Thank you to the playwrights who we’ve heard from, we hope to hear from even more.

We will announce soon the playwrights who will be showing featured as part of Gumbo.

Stay tuned.

If this project succeeds, it is our hope that these works will be anthologized or made available online so that others may be able to join in on the discussion or contribute their own response and any future proceeds will go to benefit WordBRIDGE Playwrights.