What Weekly Interview on Gumbo and The Beholder’s Share


Photo by Bobby Kintz

We at Generous Company love What Weekly.  Not just because they continue to show an interest in what we do, but because it is one of the best places on the web to learn about what is going on in Baltimore’s art scene.

Last week they published a fantastic interview by Peter Davis with Generous Company Members and Beholder’s Share collaborators, David White, Mike Vandercook, Will Manning and Rebecca Eastman with great photos by Bobby Kintz.

Here’s the link.  Peter always makes us sound so smart…



Spreading the News!


Spreading the News!

Opening Night was everything we knew it would be:

Delicious hot Gumbo!

An amazing production by Generous Company!

Wonderful art exhibition curated by John Shea!

Brilliantly written new plays exploring the mind by WordBRIDGE playwrights               Merri Biechler, Jami Brandli, George Brant, and Laurel Haines                        directed by Michele Vazquez.

Visit: http://www.theatreproject.org and http://www.generouscompany.org

*Photo: Steve Barroga reading a book on the brain after the production.

It’s in the ether…

Anne Bogart, the world-renowned director of SITI company put up a blog post earlier this week reflecting on how the brain interacts with stories–“brain coupling” is the term she refers to.  Lots of people thinking about the brain and art…perhaps this will turn into the new revolution with virtual salons and artists beginning to stand with scientists–all on a journey to raise questions that will guide us into the next epoch.

Here’s the link to Bogart’s blog post: