Ideas shared at meeting


One story told many ways…

Each story starts the same way.  Use the trolley story as an example.  Each night we see the same set up; a group of people all watching the trolley heading toward  5 people on the tracks. Maybe the audience sees the “decider”, maybe they don’t.

Sound of crash, screams, visible reaction from crowd.

Each story differs from here.

  • Perception: how each person, all observing the same event comes to different conclusions
  • Memory: years later each person remembers it
  • Decision making:  was it right or wrong
  • Empathy: a viewer “knows” what the decider was thinking, are they right?
  • Creativity: the only viewer to accurately express what happens is the artist.  How/why?


A group of people on a quest of sort.  Each member of the group has damage in a different area of the brain.  One can’t recognize faces, another landscape, ect.  How are their experiences in the world different.  How are there deficiencies a benefit?



Use sound to recreate the number/intensity of firing neutrons.  Each area of the brain could have a different instrument attached to it.  As that area is stimulated the sound from that instrument increases speed or volume.  As one area starts talking to another they create cords.



Use color consistency (see Kandel, Insight pg. 235) to confuse characters.

“it was the guy in the light grey t-shirt”

the dark grey appears light because it is around darker colors, the light grey, dark because it was around lighter colors.  Which is the guy in the light grey t-shirt?

There are two guys in identical t-shirts that only look different because of who they are standing next to


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