Consciousness – Charlie Rose S2E2

Creativity is more a function of the unconscious; wisdom is more a function of the conscious.

If a character is being assertive, but auditors have been (even subconsciously) exposed to negative terms, they may see the character as a bully and not self-asserting.  Can we embed/project words of a particular tone on each of the tables in the venue and see how they change auditor’s perspectives on each character?

Often occupying the conscious mind with an absorbing task will result in quicker decision-making or problem-solving than focusing on the problem/decision at hand.

Most of our function is unconscious.  Consciousness is the tip of the iceberg.

Once shouldn’t rely solely on the unconscious, though, because that is where prejudices or preconceived notions can negatively impact decision making.

Here’s the link to the full episode:


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