My Notes from 1/10/2013

These were the items I brought up at our meeting:


I spoke about exploring a character who is blind in some way, whether it be Face Blind like Chuck Close or Color Blind.  This would give us the opportunity to use color in contrast to as little color as possible.  How does the character’s blindness affect their rhythm and tempo and their ability to communicate?  How many obstacles are built into this?


I’d like to use either the actual aplysia, perhaps as a puppet, or at least what the aplysia represents to me in In Search of Memory, that being an image of learning.  There were other creatures discussed which might serve this function more effectively, but I like the idea of this slug being involved, or at least represented.


I wrote this down and said it aloud.  This is likely an extension of my discussion of blindness, but I’m writing it down in case anyone feels inspired at all.  It’s based on the idea that “the eye is not a camera.”  Perhaps, then, it is just the eye that is important here.


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