Some notes/musings while watching Charlie Rose Brain Series: The Perceiving Brain

The eye is not a camera.

  • How do you present visual images onstage for the eye and not the camera?
  • How to you simulate other parts of the brain through the eyes?

Faces are not easily recognizable upside down.

  • Possible uses, reduce a face to a b/w 2D image and flip it, slowly rotate back to reveal a familiar face.

Places (ie: locations, landscapes), Faces and Bodies have specific, localized receptors in brain.

  • Man with damage to both places sensors can get around in the world, but never knows where he is.

The brain makes guesses, as result it can be deceived.

  • Brain brings to the forefront, discarding the incidental.
  • Could we purposely deceive the beholder’s brain (play with time lapse photography with shifting, processed images)

The elementary beginnings of the creative process is at work in everyone’s brain every time we see.  We constantly “create” our world.


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